[TR] Tires

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jul 2 13:27:37 MDT 2018

> Is there a point at which "new" tires should not be used?

Yes, there definitely is a point.  Unfortunately, the actual point depends
on many variables and the tire makers can't agree on exactly where it is.

Last I heard, though, no one recommends mounting a tire that is over 7 years

>  Any issues putting them on a car?

I wouldn't put them on my Triumph.  Maybe an old beater that I didn't care
about.  But the last time I had an old tire fail suddenly, it not only
ruined the original paint but took off part of the fender as well.  The
steel belts turned into a giant replica of those "flap wheels" for removing
paint and the damage was done by the time I got pulled over.

-- Randall 
56 TR3 TS13571L once and future daily driver
71 Stag LE1473 - awaiting engine rebuild
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