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...kinda over did it...wife use complain how hard the car was to turn 
the wheels from a standstill....

finally got rid of the old Michelins and put on nice alloys and new 
rubber...realized the tires were nearly 20.5 years old!

The guy changing the tires laughed his butt off. Took a drill and 
drilled int othe rubber tread...rubber came out as easy as wood chips 
and nearly as hard.



On 7/2/2018 2:59 PM, Wbeech wrote:
> �Parade Tires��� �I�d put them on if the car was not a daily driver.� 
> Always a risk.
> I ran a set of 28 year old Avons for several months till I could 
> replace them, they had 6,000 miles on them and always garage kept.
> Bill
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> Is there a point at which �new� tires should not be used?� I have a 
> set of unused 165 x 15 tires marked 2409, indicating they were 
> manufactured in June 2009. Any issues putting them on a car?
> Andrew Uprichard
> Jackson, MI
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