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Actually, we attended the VTR event at Princeton this summer and took both the GT6 and the TR6. I needed to replace the starter for our GT6 and Ted had one of his gear reduction units on display so I bought it. (Now installed and it is great!) As he rang up the sale, he said “Now, since you own a TR6 as well, let me twist your arm to buy this accessory” –  namely the braided oil gauge line. How could I refuse?  I haven’t installed it yet since the car is stored away for the winter but that is on the list.


Alex Thomson


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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I do believe I can access it through the ash tray.  I will cover the line behind the days with shrink tubing to protect it from wires. Don’t want to create more potential problems.


Ron Olds

72 TR6



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Thanks everyone for your inputs. I hadn’t thought of replacing the line with a steel braided line. I will order one right away. My old plastic line broke right at the end of the ferrule. While I am at it I am going to replace the plastic clutch line with a steel braid line.


Does anyone have any suggestions to getting to the back of the gauge to connect the new line? This looks as if it will quite the job to get back there.


I accessed the back of the guage via the ashtry opening. Make sure you use the shring tubing on the steel hose to prevent abraiding the wiring behind the dash.


Irv Korey

74 TR6 CF22767U

Highland Park, IL

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