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My son got a 1963 Austin Healey Sprite and it too didn't have a vin number plate, and no license plate, registration or pink slip.  He was looking all over the car and the spot where it belonged, on the frame below the carburetor, had the two holes where it should be riveted, and it was missing.

Someone in the Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club thought that the British Heritage Museum, I think that is the place that issues the certificates of authenticity, which has vin numbers along with engine numbers and transmission numbers, might be able to cross reference numbers if we contacted them with the engine and transmission numbers.  

Engine number was right on top and easy, but it's a last gen 1275cc so not the original engine. My son looked all over the transmission and wasn't finding a serial number, and thought maybe through the peak hole in the side of the transmission cover he might see a number.  Luckily he's only 25 years old, fit and trim, so envision him upside down with this head and shoulders down in the footwell on the drivers side to check things out.   I don't know about you but I'd never get back out!  While he was down there, low and behold, there on the side of the pedal box was a secondary vin plate. Viola!

He then worked with a local company here in the San Francisco Bay Area called Auto Registrar (https://www.yelp.com/biz/auto-registrar-san-jose-4). For a minimal fee they came out to our house and inspected the vehicle and the vin # on the pedal box, they are certified inspectors for the DMV, and then ran a nation wide historical search on the car.  It all came up clean and it's now registered to my son.

So you may try the British Heritage Museum idea, and you may have a local company with similar services that can make sure the car is legit.

Good luck,

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On Jan 06, 2018, at 07:10 PM, Jim Henningsen <trguy75 at gmail.com> wrote:

I am looking at a 73 TR6. Here are the commission number issues:

1. No driver post door tag although no holes present. Aren't all TR6 cars
supposed to have door plate with commission number, color and trim codes?
2. Commission number is CF9xxxU which is in 73 TR6 production numbers. Only
place number is shown is on the windscreen aluminum tag on driver side. 
3. Passenger side engine firewall commission tag and body tags rectangular
plates missing. Holes are there though. Isnt the top tag supposed to be
the commission number and the bottom tag the body number?
4. Engine number on block is CF19xxxE. I believe this denotes a 74 model

Car is decent overall but the missing data plates are concerning. Any help
on the questions would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Henningsen
Ocala FL
61 TR3A
62 TR4
85 Supra 

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