[TR] Commission Number Question

Jim Henningsen trguy75 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 19:08:10 MST 2018

I am looking at  a 73 TR6.  Here are the commission number issues:

1. No driver post door tag although no holes present. Aren't all TR6 cars
supposed to have door plate with commission number, color and trim codes?
2. Commission number is CF9xxxU which is in 73 TR6 production numbers.  Only
place number is shown is on the windscreen aluminum tag on driver side. 
3. Passenger side engine firewall commission tag and body tags rectangular
plates missing.  Holes are there though.  Isnt the top tag supposed to be
the commission number and the bottom tag the body number?
4. Engine number on block is CF19xxxE.  I believe this denotes a 74 model

Car is decent overall but the missing data plates are concerning.  Any help
on the questions would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Henningsen
Ocala FL
61 TR3A
62 TR4
85 Supra 

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