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frame mount for the Spit is not a necessity. The normal tire change jack uses the lip of the body panel seams at the very bottom edge!
not the frame at all!

Now practicality on a 40 something year old car is a different story!  A couple of blocks (I personally use to use 1ft long 4"x6" pressure treated wood)
on that style lift and you should clear the exhaust , oil pan diff etc without any issues.

I use to use a long reach (still have it and DO use it) quick jack. Horror Fright still sells them...nice and low with a long reach will lift 18-20"
Use to put the front up via the cross frame in front of the engine, sit the wheels on 4" blocks (2 side by side) then swap ends and repeat.
Could repeat again to go 8" up (double height blocks.) Then did everything on a creeper on my back

These days (ol' gezzer days) I have a four post (wife bought it for my safety) But I have two siccor lifts that span the runways, that have extendable arms to reach the outer edges of the suspension allowing me to get the wheels up off the runners as well .

worth every penny

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The left and right  main frame members  of the TR and Spitfire cars are close together and this issue, I think, renders all the lifts like Bendipack quick lift and Ezcarlift not suitable. With these lifts you have to lift on the out riggers which are welded to the main frame members and hence not the strongest part of the frame. 


I am guessing you are just stating an opinion here rather than relating an experience. My Ezcarlift fully supports the car on the main frame rails of my TR4, just behind the front wheels and just in front of the rear wheels. While I have not used it yet on the TR6, I know Bob Danielson reports his TR6 is supported just fine. This is not intended to refute the use of the products you cite, but to counter the negative statement about the Ezcarlift.


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