[TR] Electronic Flasher Question

Reihing, Randall S. Randall.Reihing at utoledo.edu
Thu Aug 10 09:35:07 MDT 2017

I have that same flasher and had the same issue. I discovered that the flasher must be vertical or it will not work. I had it mounted horizontally and all it would do was light the turn signals. Once I turned it to a perfectly vertical orientation it has worked fine ever since.

Randall S. in Ohio
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I am finishing up the conversion from incandescent lighting to LED on my TR6, and have one more mystery to solve. The turn signals don't flash. They come on when I use the lever, but they don't blink. I replaced the flasher unit with Moss p/n 141-667 (2 prong unit). The flasher came with no instructions about which wire goes to which prong, but the unit doesn't work either way I plug it in. Any advice? Is there a test of some sort I could perform to see if the unit is faulty or ok?
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