[TR] I am NOT going to post on this OD thing again!

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Congratulations Terry, Mr O/D.  I'd rather rebuild my wife's sewing machine again than go through all that. 

Mine has worked correctly for the two years I have had this car.  Scared to touch it for maintenance for fear of some irreparable disaster.   Need to get the book out an very carefully determine what I need to do. 

Thanks for sharing your experience, I truly hope this is your last OD post.  

Bill B

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On Aug 11, 2017, at 3:58 PM, TERRY SMITH <terryrs at comcast.net> wrote:

Trying to make my overdrive work, I fought my way through all the electricals:  frayed and broken wires  hidden under shrink tubing of all things.  Found the OD switch with screw on terminals that also had frayed and broke wires despite recent replacement.  I'm comfortable with electrics, so looked there first.  

A drunk man once dropped his car keys on his way out the bar.  He went back inside to look for them because the light was better.  

That was me.  Well except for the drunk part.  Or the keys part.  Or the bar.  But there was a car involved....

I had been adjusting the actuating lever, not realizing the pinch points were contacting before the unit was tight on the shaft.  And when I caught that, I still adjusted using the drill bit as a pin to peg the target OD engagement.


Tested visually.  Engagement of the solenoid at rest caused everything to turn as it should.  Result was a drill bit that pinned just right.  

Reinstalled the tunnel cover, rugs, seats, shift lever, and tested on the road.



So today I finally accepted Randall's advice and considered there may be more to the actuating lever adjustment than the book says.  With the tranny cover removed,  I started experimenting with the adjustment.  The first test drive (tranny cover still off, since I have gotten smarter, must be because of hormones realeased by the frustratoid gland, I found the OD would not operationalize.  But because I am hormonally brilliant, I wondered if the OD was already engaged, just not slipping out.  When I pulled into the garage, I gently rocked the car back in neutral, and it wouldn't budge.  Yep.  OD still engaged.  

So, adjusted again using a nail in the peg hole to hold the lever on that side completely off. Meanwhile, I also pulled out the pump valve and blew compressed air through the tiny hole to make sure no grit had gotten in there.  Can't be sure, but test drove again. 

Aaaaahhhh.  This time the OD engaged and disengaged like it did when it actually worked.  First time since one of the yes intermittent times it last worked.  This time I think I've actually de-bugged the bugger.  

I don't have a dial indicator, but this seemed to work.  At least I know how tempermental the adjustment of the actuating lever can be on well used OD trannies.  Next time--no, there won't be!--next time, I'll fabricate the indicator and do it right. 

Learned more than I wanted.  Ignorance is sooooo much more fun!

Terry Smith, '59 TR3A  TS 58667

New Hampshire

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