[TR] pulley hub torque?

Cliff Hansen cliff_hansen at outlook.com
Tue Nov 1 13:55:51 MDT 2016


There's no torque spec in the workshop  manual because one is supposed to align the dogs in the bolt head for a hand crank relative to #1 TDC, using shims.  Probably doesn't apply in your case. If it was my engine I'd go about 120, which is between the recommended torque for 5/8 grade 5 UNC and UNF.


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I don’t see a torque value for the pulley hub to crankshaft in my Bentley manual - TR3-4. I’m going to help a friend in Austin do his timing chain tensioner and so reviewing the manual and parts list. I did mine two years ago but don’t remember now what I did. It’s a 5/8” bolt, so I think a torque similar to the head studs should be in the ball park. Plus there’s also a lock plate with the fan mounting.


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