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Bob Danielson 75TR6 at TR6.Danielsonfamily.org
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I’ve been running his Nissan diff conversion for about 8 years now and had no problem with the installation. (http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/DiffNewInstall.htm) other than some touching of the t-shirt area with was fixed with a big clamp to compress it a little.

I converted to his CVJs two years later with no problem http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/CVJ.htm

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Subject: [TR] Nissan R200 Differential

Has anybody have a problem with Goodparts R200 differential installation with his upgraded axles??  Installing the left upgraded axle hits the frame and will not connect to the differential while I am trying to install it.  If I compress the spring, I can get it connected to the differential.   I have the upgraded springs.  I am installing this setup up on a new Tony Ratco frame.  I am concerned that when I release the spring, the axle will hit the frame or when driving, a bump that onloads the springs, the axle will hit the frame.  Are the upgraded springs longer then the standard springs?    Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Harry Mague


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