[TR] 57 bullet starter question

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed Jul 13 06:54:31 MDT 2016

> But I just tried to take apart the pinion/bendix assembly but it wont
> slide off. Removed the outside split washer. no problem. Removed the
> drive pinion by removing the large split washer. no problem. But there
> is a what seems to be a pressed on sleeve in a grove that will not allow
> the internal bendix assembly move out. How is this small pressed
> washer/sleeve removed? Does it have to be sawed and pressed on?

Are you at the step where you're supposed to remove the "locating peg" as
described in the workshop manual?  ISTR you have to push the "locating nut"
down against a spring to access the peg.  A photo might help.

But there is nothing in there that has to be pressed on or off; or replaced
every time.  Back when I ran an original Lucas starter, I had that drive
apart many times and replaced the drive sleeve more than once.  In fact, I
bought the last of the batch of "fail safe" drive sleeves that BFE had made


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