[TR] 57 bullet starter question

Bob Labuz yellowtr at adelphia.net
Tue Jul 12 12:37:46 MDT 2016


The part of the bendix/pinoin drive that has the rubber insert is shot. 
Starter just spins. Have a replacement part.

But I just tried to take apart the pinion/bendix assembly but it wont 
slide off. Removed the outside split washer. no problem. Removed the 
drive pinion by removing the large split washer. no problem. But there 
is a what seems to be a pressed on sleeve in a grove that will not allow 
the internal bendix assembly move out. How is this small pressed 
washer/sleeve removed? Does it have to be sawed and pressed on? If so 
how do you acquire a new one? Seems odd that there is no way to remove 
the assembly to replace the rubber sleeve since this is the only wear 
item in the whole assembly. This sleeve is about 1/8" thick. Can see no 
split where I could spread it. It does seem pressed on.

If this part cannot be removed without some special tool, is there a 
shop that has the ability to preform the task?



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