[TR] TR3A steering help

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Sep 29 16:03:07 MDT 2015

I would definitely start with the box; replace the bushing in the bottom and the peg (both of which are cheap).  The rest is inspect
and replace as needed.

Follow the adjustment procedure carefully, so there is no end float at all (with the top adjustment loose) and then tighten the top
adjustment until you can just feel it bind in the center (or perhaps off to the side of center if the worm is badly worn).

Note that it is normal for the box to have a fair amount of play when off-center.  For whatever reason, on my TR3, the box is not
centered when the wheels are, so the play shows up while driving straight.  I need to shorten one tie rod and lengthen the other to
get the box centered when driving straight.

There should be nothing else in the column that has any play at all.  Obviously, if you have play, you need to repair or replace
whatever is moving around.  Since you'll have the column out anyway, I would plan on replacing the felt bushing under the steering
wheel (I actually changed mine to Delrin) and if you have the split column, the two nylon/steel/rubber bushings near the center.

Unless you're a purist, replace the two Silent bloc bushings with the Delrin ones available from TRF or ARE.

Even new idler arms seem to have a fair amount of play in them.  Maybe that is "as original", but I hope to try sleeving one of the
brackets for a tighter fit and see how much that binds in operation.

A friend of mine came up with an interesting modification for the box.  He bored out the stiffening rib in the center and installed
a custom bushing to give the rocker shaft more support.  Should have the effect of both reducing play (otherwise the rocker shaft
can tip a little in the lower bushing) and extending the life of the lower bushing.  I was in a hurry though, so I haven't tried it

-- Randall  

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> So over the years I've learned to live with maybe 2" or so of 
> play in my steering and I think this winter I may want to try 
> and tighten it up. What's the best place to start and what 
> components in the column and/or box are the most likely 
> needing replacement? Thanks 
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