[TR] TR2/3 A type OD question

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed Sep 2 11:20:54 MDT 2015

> Trying to get my OD to stop dripping from the large brass 
> drain plug. 

First step is to make certain that is actually where it is leaking.  Oil running down the sides can be nearly invisible, but it will
collect and drip from the plug (making it appear to leak).  One trick that is sometimes helpful is to clean the area thoroughly,
then spray it with the kind of foot powder that goes on wet and dries to a white powder.  The powder becomes obviously discolored if
it gets wet with oil.  Plus it makes certain your overdrive never suffers from athlete's foot!

Next make certain that nothing is stopping the plug from going all the way in.  Do a test fitting with no gasket and try to pass a
thin feeler gauge between the plug & housing.  There were some variations in this area, so it's possible you have mis-matched parts.
The plug with the notches needs the screen with the larger center hole, and no screen retaining bolt.  Check at multiple places, in
case the surfaces aren't square for some reason.

Also check both sealing surfaces for any damage.  The notched plug is particularly troublesome, as many people will try to remove it
with the wrong tools and distort the plug around the notches.  If you don't have the right tool (that engages all 6 notches at the
same time) then get one!  (Here's a shot of my home-made version, ground down from a large socket http://goo.gl/IVXEkn )

I use Hylomar, but it should be able to seal without any goop.  Also, there should be only one gasket.  In my limited experience in
other places, using multiple gaskets makes the joint more likely to leak, not less.

Last, check the fiber gasket carefully for damage.  I once spent rather longer than I care to admit, fighting a cracked gasket.  It
evidently broke the first time I tightened the plug against it.

-- Randall  

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