[TR] TR2/3 A type OD question

Rochlin Robert rrochlin at comcast.net
Wed Sep 2 10:42:11 MDT 2015

In rebuilding my engine I found that the timing chain cover was a bit misshapen and I couldn’t get a good seal.  I resorted to Permatex Right Stuff.  It fills irregularities, assembles with no wait time, and does not leave the “scabs" that most silicone sealers produce that can slough off and block critical engine passages. I’ve pretty much used it to replace any gaskets I don’t have handy on parts assembly and use a thin coat on each side of the gaskets I do have.  It’s one drawback is that it is pricey. 
	72 TR6
> On Sep 2, 2015, at 12:24 PM, Angelo Graham <agraham at execulink.com> wrote:
> Hello List:
> Trying to get my OD to stop dripping from the large brass drain plug. I have used the fiber gaskets provided, but still getting a steady weeping from the plug. I put the gaskets on dry. Should I be slathering them up with Permatex or Hylomar? What about making a neoprene gasket?
> Thanks for any tips on this one. A real pain draining and re-filling the box each time I try to address the drips.
> Thanks!
> Angelo Graham
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