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Judging a book by its cover - one of my favorites (almost makes me wish I
had taken French).  Google translates the title as 'The Hatred that Lurks'.

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> Odd title for a Triumphs List e-mail, eh?
> In my youth I was a Micky Spillane fan.  In junior high, one of the first
> "adult" novels I ever read was "The Girl Hunters."  Still ranks as lots of
> fun.
> This weekend I watched a 1957 "My Gun is Quick."  During the scene where
> the deaf witness has been murdered, and Hammer follows the killer, there's
> a long series of shots if him tailling the suspect in heavy traffic on L.A.
> freeways.  Found myself looking at all those vintage cars on the road,
> original and unrestored, passing each other, making turns, totally candid.
> And if you look close, you'll see a TR-2 smallmouth behind Hammer's car and
> pulling onto a freeway offramp.
> It wasn't a featured car, just one doing it's little TR-2 business and
> probably not even aware it was being filmed.
> Just so cool.
> Terry Smith, '59 TR3A
> New Hampshire
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