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Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Mon Jan 26 20:35:16 MST 2015

I have read a bit about Webers, most books say when tested you get about the same HP out of an SU or Stromberg, but the Weber may be puts out a few more HP on a very highly developed engine, but not much difference in street driving.  Real world I think people like the difference in feel because the Weber has an accelerator pump that literally squirts fuel down the throat when you hit the throttle, and so it has a nice feeling of immediate power on tip in.

I would agree that for some people it is eye candy under the hood, but also I think there is a mindset of people who prefer the webers to "fiddly" SUs and Strombergs, unless you are really good, or lucky,  tuning can involve some trial and error, some people don’t like fiddly things, and Webers are more "set and forget" (although in reality if you get SUs right, they are too) even though the setting in the Webers can be a royal pain, as Randall mentioned.

I finally had a car with a Weber for a while, thought it was OK, still like my SUs, really a pretty nifty type carb, which gives a good combination of power, economy and reliability.

Oh yes, you will get worse gas mileage with your Weber, or at least most folks do.

Greg Lemon
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