[TR] Buying tires on-line at Tire Rack

Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Sat Jan 24 14:15:11 MST 2015

I have "a guy" who has a shop who will mount and balance a set of four tires 
for $15 or so each, the going rate at the local chain stores was $20, but 
when my wife took a set in they charged her $100 for four on my son's Maxima 
(maybe its gone up, maybe they charge women more, but I doubt it they are 
pretty good to deal with), man that seems like a lot to do four tires.  I 
remember when the going rate was five bucks and it seemed like it stayed at 
$5 for a long time, then started going up rapidly.  Even cheapskate me does 
not expect the $5 deal these days.

Check out Discount Tires Direct to, they have free shipping all the time, 
and on some tires the prices aren't too much more than the guys who charge 

Greg Lemon


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