[TR] TR4A trailing arm shims

Anthony Rhodes spamiam at comcast.net
Sun Jan 11 15:23:44 MST 2015

I have been upgrading my IRS axle to the Goodparts CV joint axles.  

As I did the second side I see that there are lots of shims under both the trailing arm brackets.  It seems to me that it may be possible to remove an equal number from each bracket.  I think that in this way it may be possible to preserve the geometry and get a bit more bolt thread available for the nuts holding the brackets.  

This will change the fore-aft and the in-out position of the trailing arm.  But do you think the trailing arms were adjusted to that they were perfectly co-axial, and equally spaced?   I would doubt it. I would havevm thought the shims were used only to adjust toe.

But then why so many shims?   I would have expected one of the two brackets to have zero or 1 shim, and the other bracket would be shimmed to get the toe adjusted properly??? 


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