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Thanks for the info.  This car is a mish-mash.  The dash has the hole you mention next to where the OD switch would go.   However, this car came with a couple of different dash's (the one I put in had the OD switch hole...welded shut) and several instrument panels.  The one I refinished seems like it would be for the rheostat switch.  The heater does have a fan but I'm not sure I have the right one and I don't have a knob for it.
Ugh!  I hate basket projects!!!  :-)
Chad in Tulsa 
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The heater fan gets a rheostat, mounted to the left of the steering wheel (next to where the OD switch would be if it had OD).  There is a photo in the workshop manual, in the section on installing the heater. There appears to have been no single change point for the dash light rheostat.  Piggott says it was on "some" cars after TS43000, but not standard until TS60000. One way to tell is to look at the center hole just below the pair of indicator lights in the instrument panel.  If it is the right size for the wiper switch, then the wiper switch goes there and the panel switch goes at the top center. If that hole is larger than the wiper switch, then the panel rheostat goes there and the wiper switch goes at the top. -- Randall  

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 I'm putting a TR3A back together from boxes (I didn't take it apart).  I am needing some help with the switch placement. 
 Where does the heater fan switch go?  I haven't found a pic online yet.  Do the instrument lights run through a Rheostat?  I have one, but I also have a on-off switch with "Panel" on its knob.....assume that is for the instrument panel lights? 
 If you have a pic you could send me.  This is a 59 TR3A......roughly TS52000. 
 Chad in Tulsa.

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