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Yes, it does.  The horns ground through the horn button and when the contacts get old they don't carry enough current to work the horns.  A quick fix is to wire up a relay.

Get a generic cube relay a your FLAPS.  To wire up the relay connect one coil wire to the N/G wire and the other to the N/B wire from the steering column.  Connect the N/B wire from the horns to the NO contact on the relay.  Connect the COM contact on the relay to a good ground.  It's a walk in the park.



Dave Massey



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Hmm. I have connections to each (one N/G and one N/B) and pressing the     
horn button gives a brief, muffled  hmph. Yet when I was taking one apart,     
I shorted something inside the horn that gave off a load blast the way it     
should be. Seems something must be amiss in the wiring.      
FWIW, I fought a similar problem for a long time.  Turned out the 4-way    
bullet sleeve was broken internally, but the shrunken vinyl sleeve made it    
seem like the bullets were snapping into place snugly.    
I have power at the N/G bullets and connectors. When the N/G wires are attached to the horn connectors, I get power at the N/B wires. When the horn button is pressed, all wired up this way, I very low “hmph” or “bump” is heard. If I remove a N/B from a horn and touch it to ground, the horn sounds as it should. If I remove the other N/B and touch it to ground, again the horn sounds as it should. I am guessing the horn button ground is not doing its job. Now, to trace where that ground connection is located. Does that logic make sense? 
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