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I bought one for my truck a number of years ago. I found it on eBay for
quite a bit less than the classic truck supplier was selling it for in their
catalog. There appears to be the same radio on eBay now for a buy it now
price $40 or more less than Moss.  The one for my truck was supposed to be a
custom fit, it included a rather cheap plastic bezel to convert the standard
radio so it would fit in the dash opening, but it looked ok installed. It
worked for a number of years and then I started getting nothing but static,
I haven't narrowed the cause down, but I did try a different antenna to no
avail. Still,  it may not be the radio's fault but just giving you a heads

Just my experience,




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Just curios if anybody on the list has installed any one of the RetroSound
radios that Moss has been selling? I am wondering how it fit? Did it the
adapter plate look OK? How does the radio perform? I am looking at the Model
2 with the bluetooth interface..

I was also looking at going with getting my (not currently working) Triumph
AM radio converted to AM/FM USB/BlueTooth but it looks like that is about
$500.00. The up side there is that the radio would appear stock..


Dave Connitt

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