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I agree, it really is that simple. If the person who was having trouble would try this they would find it simple too.

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Like someone else on this list, I recollected that reaching that rearward nut on the TR3 fuel pump was something I'd been doing for a long time w/o any problem. So, after raising the bonnet to attach the charger ( I had forgotten to disconnect the battery last October), I decided to see if my method of reaching that nut was a simple as I remembered it to be. It was. Using a Craftsman 1/4" drive ratchet with a 3" extension and the 1/2" socket, I was able to loosen that nut and retighten it, all in less than 30 seconds. My car is a '60 TR3 with all the parts in place. And that's why I carry this wrench and fittings along with a replacement pump as part of my long trip spares.

Ed Woods


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