[TR] TR3 Fuel Pump

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Apr 20 09:01:15 MDT 2015

> I'm surprised to hear Sears no longer carries this.

I didn't actually check the store, that's just what the web site said.

Of course, you can still mail order through the web site, and perhaps that is what I should have done.  But my feeling is that the
quality of Craftsman tools has dropped considerably as well while I've been happier (mostly) with the GearWrench brand.

Sears in general has been having a very hard time financially for a long time (even before the 2008 crash), a lot of stores have
closed and probably they would have been gone entirely by now (like Montgomery Ward) if K-mart hadn't bought them.  So my guess is
that they are trying to drop the less popular items in stores and focus on fast moving tools (clothes, etc).  There are even rumors
they might merge with Amazon.

-- Randall  

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