[TR] TR3 Solenoid suggestion

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Apr 13 17:50:50 MDT 2015

> But what was suggested to me was to connect both 
> thick cables (battery and starter) to one pole on the 
> solenoid, and connect a standard wire between the other pole 
> and the starter solenoid. It was explained to me that this 
> allows one to keep the "button", while also extending the 
> life of the original firewall solenoid.

> I tried it, and it worked fine (today I started a TR3 which 
> hadn't run since 1975!).  So, my question is, is the logic 
> correct and is this a preferred way of keeping the "button" 
> when installing gear-reduction starters on our cars?

It is certainly the way I prefer, and I've said so several times.  I've been running that way since 2001 or so; with an original
solenoid that lost some of it's smoke on the way home from VTR 2000.

Another benefit of this connection is that the solenoid on the Hitachi gear-drive starter draws a lot more current than the original
TR3 solenoid.  If you wire the original switch to the new solenoid, it may shorten the life of the switch.

-- Randall  

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