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Dixie4 dixie4.wales at virgin.net
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Could the original solenoid just be wired in series to the new starter solenoid with a piggyback small wire from one solenoid to the other?
I can not grasp how Andrews' way would work on the button without some wiring to the small spade connections.

Forgive me if this is not correct as electrics are not my strongpoint.

I wish to retain the original solenoid with a Hi Torque starter on a 4A as the solenoid is so visually prominent attached to the battery carrier. Plus, I spent an exceptional amount of time finding a year code perfect NOS replacement solenoid prior to purchasing the Japanese starter.
Being able to use the button on the old type solenoid would be a distinct advantage for everything from setting the timing to resetting the tappets.

Adrian 1966 TR4A CT64306 O
Wales UK.
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  So I just fried a new gear-reduction starter (for an early TR3) by putting in a smallmouth starter with a bolt-on flywheel ring gear. Grrrrr.


  Anyway, when I bought a replacement (correct) starter today, I got into a discussion about starter solenoids.  I must admit I like the "button" feature as it allows me to start a car while fiddling with the carb and choke, even the timing.  Well, modern starters have their own solenoids, so many just bypass the solenoid on the firewall.  Or you can keep the original configuration and bypass the solenoid on the new starter.  But what was suggested to me was to connect both thick cables (battery and starter) to one pole on the solenoid, and connect a standard wire between the other pole and the starter solenoid. It was explained to me that this allows one to keep the "button", while also extending the life of the original firewall solenoid.


  I tried it, and it worked fine (today I started a TR3 which hadn't run since 1975!).  So, my question is, is the logic correct and is this a preferred way of keeping the "button" when installing gear-reduction starters on our cars?

  Andrew Uprichard

  Elated after resurrecting a TR3


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