[TR] TR3 Solenoid suggestion

Andrew Uprichard auprichard at uprichard.net
Mon Apr 13 17:32:24 MDT 2015

So I just fried a new gear-reduction starter (for an early TR3) by putting
in a smallmouth starter with a bolt-on flywheel ring gear. Grrrrr.


Anyway, when I bought a replacement (correct) starter today, I got into a
discussion about starter solenoids.  I must admit I like the "button"
feature as it allows me to start a car while fiddling with the carb and
choke, even the timing.  Well, modern starters have their own solenoids, so
many just bypass the solenoid on the firewall.  Or you can keep the original
configuration and bypass the solenoid on the new starter.  But what was
suggested to me was to connect both thick cables (battery and starter) to
one pole on the solenoid, and connect a standard wire between the other pole
and the starter solenoid. It was explained to me that this allows one to
keep the "button", while also extending the life of the original firewall


I tried it, and it worked fine (today I started a TR3 which hadn't run since
1975!).  So, my question is, is the logic correct and is this a preferred
way of keeping the "button" when installing gear-reduction starters on our

Andrew Uprichard

Elated after resurrecting a TR3

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