[TR] TR6 Temperature gauge pegged hot

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sun Apr 12 23:03:18 MDT 2015

> So, the question is: Is my gauge finally shot?, wiring 
> problem, sensor is 
> bad, or something else

Has to be something besides the sensor, since the needle stayed pegged with it unplugged.

If it stays at hot with the key off, then the gauge is the most likely suspect, IMO.  But if it goes to cold with the key off, and
then to hot with the key on, I would suspect wiring first.  The wire from the gauge to the sender is shorted to ground at some

A quick check of the voltage from the disconnected sender wire to ground will give you another clue.  If there is little or no
voltage even with the key on, the wire is very likely shorted to ground somewhere.  But if you find it either at a constant 10v or
switching between 0 and 12v, then the gauge is almost certainly bad.

-- Randall  

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