[TR] TR6 Temperature gauge pegged hot

Joao Simoes jmbs46 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 12 23:20:37 MDT 2015

I highly recommend you replace the thermostat. Even if you lived in a desert, your thermostat is very important to shorten the warmup time. There is nothing to gain by removing it, only less engine life.
As far as the gauge, remove the wire connector from the sender and, with the ignition on, look at the gauge, I think it should be at one extreme or the other ( full hot or full cold) , then touch the wire connector to a ground, like the engine block. The gauge now should point to the opposite extreme. 
If it does, then your sender must be bad, if not then either the gauge or the wire itself is bad.

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> On Apr 12, 2015, at 8:14 PM, <jeffn at msystech.com> <jeffn at msystech.com> wrote:
> Well, it was a great day here in southern New Jersey. Sunny and in the mid 60's. I started my '72 TR6 for the first time since last winter and observed the the temperature gauge started out pointing to Hot, rather than Cold. Hmmm.. So, I unplugged the wire to the temperature sensor. No change. I grounded the wire. No change. After driving around for a while, the gauge finally pointed to the middle, and a little while later, it was pegged past hot. I removed the thermostat  years ago since I never drive when the weather is cold. The water level is fine, and I replaced the radiator two years ago with one of those expensive aluminum ones.
> So, the question is: Is my gauge finally shot?, wiring problem, sensor is bad, or something else?
> Thanking in advance,
> Jeff N.
> '72 TR6
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