[TR] TR6 Temperature gauge pegged hot

jeffn at msystech.com jeffn at msystech.com
Sun Apr 12 18:14:17 MDT 2015

Well, it was a great day here in southern New Jersey. Sunny and in the mid 
60's. I started my '72 TR6 for the first time since last winter and observed 
the the temperature gauge started out pointing to Hot, rather than Cold. 
Hmmm.. So, I unplugged the wire to the temperature sensor. No change. I 
grounded the wire. No change. After driving around for a while, the gauge 
finally pointed to the middle, and a little while later, it was pegged past 
hot. I removed the thermostat  years ago since I never drive when the 
weather is cold. The water level is fine, and I replaced the radiator two 
years ago with one of those expensive aluminum ones.
So, the question is: Is my gauge finally shot?, wiring problem, sensor is 
bad, or something else?

Thanking in advance,
Jeff N.
'72 TR6

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