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Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
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My TR250 has a Pertronix and runs fine, I have some mild modifications, I was running consistent 16.7 second quarter miles last year, I think Road and Track had tested them at 17.9 new.  No miss or lack of power that I am aware of.

Greg Lemon
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    Interesting that he says " I WILL NOT install a Pertronix in a TR6 and will do everything in my power to talk you into using points!!!"

    I wonder why?

  I asked Jeff @ Advanced Distributors that very same "why" question just yesterday because I saw it on the website and thought this represented a new position for him.
  here is his response:

  "RFI noise from plugs wires causes a misfire and I see it on the dyno. 
  Put in points, gain power. Its a repetitive issue I see with insanely 
  great regularity.

  It so happens that I own a chassis dyno and literally less than an hour ago had a customer TR6 on the dyno with a distributor rebuild by Advanced Distributors with a Pertronix ignitor in it. The car makes really good power and has no miss anywhere in the power band and has a nearly flat air/fuel curve. Time is money around here, so there is no way I'm going to put points in this distributor to test Jeff's claim - this car runs great, so its going home with the pertronix in it.  We have had many TR6s on this dyno - only a few with Pertronix in them, but I have seen no evidence of misfire in any of them 

  There are many "experts" in our hobby. Some may be wrong, but none are in doubt.  ;-)

  Jack Mc


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