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The best think you can do regarding british distributors is contact Jeff at Advanced Distributors. His rebuilds cost around $120 and it will be better than anything you can buy new or rebuilt by someone else. Just check out his customer testimonials on the website. Jeff did mine to a jewel like quality and installed Pertronix for If I remember correctly, around $200. 

Dave H. 

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When all else fails, go back to the beginning and look at basics. Following that advise I took a minute and checked the engine SN only to find out that it is a TR4 engine. Must have been changed before my time years ago. Anyway that at least explains why it has a D25 distributor. Still no idea why the unusual distributor number. I did clean off the vacuum advance and found the part # 54411233 and advance numbers 5-11-7. TRF has a part with the same numbers but a different part # for a TR distributor. Now my dilemma. 
Do I purchase the unit, roughly $70, purchase a brand new distributor from them for roughly $100 (sure it is a knock off of unknown quality), or pick up the correct rebuilt distributor for around $200. 
Thanks for the inputs so far. 

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