[TR] Spare Tire Options

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Sat Apr 26 20:35:20 MDT 2014

> Would it be possible to use the stock 15 TR4A wheel and stock 
> tire for a spare
> as long as I meet the 26" diameter?

IMO it's not even so important that you match the diameter exactly.  The spare I carry in my TR3 is a 15" "compact spare" tire
mounted on a stock TR3 wheel, and it is at least an inch smaller in diameter than my other tires.
But it still seems to work fine; keeping in mind the limited performance and so on.  I've driven over an hour on it, at speeds up to
75 mph, with no problems at all.

> The other alternative is to use some kind of roadside patch  
> chemical and a
> small air compressor to get me home or to a tire store?

In theory you don't even need the air compressor.  The typical "Fix a Flat" has enough CO2 in the can to inflate the tire as well as
inject the sealer.

But for the incident I mentioned above, no sort of chemical patch would have been any help at all.  I managed to turn short coming
out of a parking lot, and the broken curb punched a half dollar size hole in the sidewall.  I like having a real spare tire.


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