[TR] Spare Tire Options

Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 20:15:14 MDT 2014

I see no problem with a stock wheel and tire as a spare if the diameter
approximates what is on the car, even if they are 16" wheels.  Just think
of it as a 'space-saver' spare and use it accordingly (i.e. moderate speed,
limited distance).

I carry a patch kit (the kind with a gooey rope and crochet needle) but
have never had to use it on the road.  I would be more likely to use that
(and a compressor) than a can of Fix-a-Flat as the aftermath with the rope
is less messy when you go to fix the tire right.


On Sat, Apr 26, 2014 at 7:06 PM, Dave Connitt <dconnitt at fuse.net> wrote:

> I am wondering what options I might have for my TR4A. I am planning on
> eventually, (6 months or so) getting a  set of 16" Konig Rewinds. I picked
> the
> 16" size as they seem to miss hitting all the suspension and brakes. Right
> now
> I have a set of early TR6 wheels which allow me to use a wider tire than
> the
> stock TR4 tire. I also have a set of stock TR4 wheels with no tires on
> them.
> I have been driving the car around running errands but since I don't have a
> spare, I am hesitant to go too far from home.
> I think I read somewhere that the overall diameter of a standard TR4 wheel
> and
> tire is 26". If that is correct, I should be able to select a tire for the
> Konigs that will meet or get close to that 26" diameter so the speedometer
> will be reasonably accurate.
> Would it be possible to use the stock 15 TR4A wheel and stock tire for a
> spare
> as long as I meet the 26" diameter?
> The other alternative is to use some kind of roadside patch  chemical and a
> small air compressor to get me home or to a tire store?
> What are you guys using for spares?
> Thanks,
> Dave Connitt
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