[TR] Spare Tire Options

Dave Connitt dconnitt at fuse.net
Sat Apr 26 20:06:29 MDT 2014

I am wondering what options I might have for my TR4A. I am planning on
eventually, (6 months or so) getting a  set of 16" Konig Rewinds. I picked the
16" size as they seem to miss hitting all the suspension and brakes. Right now
I have a set of early TR6 wheels which allow me to use a wider tire than the
stock TR4 tire. I also have a set of stock TR4 wheels with no tires on them.
I have been driving the car around running errands but since I don't have a
spare, I am hesitant to go too far from home.
I think I read somewhere that the overall diameter of a standard TR4 wheel and
tire is 26". If that is correct, I should be able to select a tire for the
Konigs that will meet or get close to that 26" diameter so the speedometer
will be reasonably accurate.
Would it be possible to use the stock 15 TR4A wheel and stock tire for a spare
as long as I meet the 26" diameter?
The other alternative is to use some kind of roadside patch  chemical and a
small air compressor to get me home or to a tire store?
What are you guys using for spares?
Dave Connitt

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