[TR] TR3 water pump question

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed Oct 30 20:27:48 MDT 2013

> If not for that hole the leaked 
> coolant would wash off the bearing lub and cause premature 
> bearing failure.

The weep hole also warns you when the seal is leaking, instead of waiting until the bearings fail entirely.

> Check the shaft diameter.  My TR3 water pump went awry due to 
> a sloppy fit 
> between the pump shaft and the pulley. 

Ditto.  My opinion, if you can push the pulley into position by hand, you've got a problem.  It has to be a light press fit on the
shaft.  I don't think I had anywhere near .030" clearance (before the failure), but after the first tap the pulley fell into place
and the pump only lasted a few months before the pulley worked loose, tore up the keyway and snapped the threaded portion of the
shaft.  It missed the radiator, but I don't know how.

Used Loctite RC609 on the replacements.  It's supposed to be able to create a press fit with as much as .010" clearance (but they
were a nice tight fit anyway).


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