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i have seen the old 3d modelers where they built the model in layers of
some kind of epoxy that cured when exposed to laser light.
they where pretty
crude and very fragile.
only seen video of the latest stuff.
do you have
access to one?
i may still have the layout for my original model that i was
going to machine out of the "lump"
like any technology though im sure its big
my Aussie bell housing was just less than 500.00 3 or 4 years ago.

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Hi Frank:

We're getting to the point where a
3D printer could produce the bell housing. The original printers were using a
flow of sintered metals, but I think they are mostly plastics now and not
suitable. It will be interesting to see what comes up in the next years. I
read of a guy planning to print sections of a large house. 

That said, I
think the existing 3D printers could easily produce the shape for making a
casting mould.

1972 TR6

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Hey BillFor the last 15
years I have been running a manufacturing facility
that I had equipped with
CNC machining centers.
Being an engineer Ibm always
up for a challenge.
biggest challenge was the bell housing.
My first
thought with the Toyota
trans was to take a big block of aluminum and machine
the heck out of it till
I had a nice bell housing. 
Thatbs what I really
wanted to do.
But I had some
trouble finding a block of aluminum that size and
at a reasonable cost.
Next I contemplated cutting and welding the triumph
to a Toyota and then
making a casting. I was going to get help from a little
specialty company here
in los angeles called something like Barrios.
That too
was getting expensive.

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