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Anyone that contemplates the change to rack and pinion on his TR3 should find
one that's been converted and take it for a test drive first. Doing so proved
to me that I'd never want it in my car. It steers like a '57 Plymouth
Belvedere : no road feel at all. Just my opinion. Yours may vary.


Ed Woods

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Subject: [TR] TR3 Gear Ratios

Anybody out there know what the gear ratios for a TR3 were?

Considering a T5 swap (over the Toyota) and want to insure that the
performance is close (or improved).

Also - anybody want to weigh in on a rack and pinion conversion? B The kits
seem a bit overpriced, and I'm pretty handy, so I'm curious as to what
others have done.

Just sold my big healey and want to make my TR3 into a more comfortable
touring car.

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting

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