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Wowb&b&b&food for thought

MGbs and TR4bs have them and donbt fail to feel too sporty, My XK 150 on
the other hand is another animal altogether, but certainly better than the
contemporary American Iron.

Morgans use the same burman box that TRbs do and there is really no
comparison between the two.  Frankly, the Morgan feels more precise than the
TR on any but the roughest surfaces.

Healey uses a wormgear too, but there is no comparison between that and a TR
either, Healey goes (went) down the road with great feel and response.

The TR is like Mr. Toads Wild Ride.   Feels more like a MGTC than competition
for an MGA .  Would rather push the TR than drive an MG, but admittedly, the
steering is crude.

Jonas Payne

PBR Consulting


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Anyone that contemplates the change to rack and pinion on his TR3 should find
one that's been converted and take it for a test drive first. Doing so proved
to me that I'd never want it in my car. It steers like a '57 Plymouth
Belvedere: no road feel at all. Just my opinion. Yours may vary.

Ed Woods


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Subject: [TR] TR3 Gear Ratios

Anybody out there know what the gear ratios for a TR3 were?

Considering a T5 swap (over the Toyota) and want to insure that the
performance is close (or improved).

Also - anybody want to weigh in on a rack and pinion conversion?  The kits
seem a bit overpriced, and I'm pretty handy, so I'm curious as to what
others have done.

Just sold my big healey and want to make my TR3 into a more comfortable
touring car.

Jonas Payne
PBR Consulting

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