[TR] winter driving/side curtains

Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Mon Jan 21 19:55:52 MST 2013

Although my early days of driving were in a mid-sixties Sprite with roll up 
windows, the weather did not probably get in as bad as it did in a TR3, but 
I remember mornings with a good dusting of snow on the seats.  I also 
remember the marginal batteries and starters, when it got really cold you 
did have to go out and start it every couple of hours or it might be a lost 
cause.  The more fun aspects were the snow being the great equalizer, I 
remember one snow night pulling up beside a new red Porsche 911 in my old 
red Sprite.  The light turned green and we both slid around trying to get 
some traction and accelerate as best we could, he beat me to the next light, 
but I made it a good race.

Later when I was out of college and had a real job I had a TR4A that I still 
used as a daily driver, amazing what being able to afford a fresh battery, 
rebuilding the carbs, and having everything else in good order will do, that 
car would start on one or two tries, even after being out all night in 
sub-zero (Fahrenheit) temps.

Greg Lemon
68 TR250


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