[TR] winter driving/side curtains

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Mon Jan 21 19:14:39 MST 2013

Not all stories about side curtain TRs happen in winter or rain.  Many years
ago, I was driving my TR3 to a new assignment at Davis Monthan Air Force Base
in Tucson.  I stopped overnight in El Paso.  It was springtime...windy.  The
next morning, the inside of the car was covered with sand.  Sand every where!
And I thought I buttoned it up pretty good.


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On Jan 21, 2013, at 5:04 PM, Gary Nafziger <nafzigerg at yahoo.com> wrote:

> AAhhhh I loved reading about experiences with triumph winter driving.
> it something how experiences of discomfort or problem situations end up
> those that we remember and talk about for years!  We never tell stories
> trips in comfortable dry cars with good heat and wipers.lol
> thanks for the
> memories.
> gary n.
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