[TR] thots on side curtains

Peter Ryner pryner at verizon.net
Mon Jan 21 11:48:56 MST 2013

We had our TR3 in Minot ND while stationed there.  Had a very small block 
heater that allowed me two engine turnovers as long as the clutch was in. 
If it didn't start on the two turns, it wasn't going to start until 
afternoon.  Just like you describe, the snow comes in the car, settles on 
the seat, and thaws when you sit on it.  After the third day of winter the 
seat becomes a block of ice.  Although we only lived about 10 minutes from 
work, I always had a wet seat by the time I got there.  Carried a towel in 
the car to sit on.  Kept me dry and worked like a champ.

Also used the car for varmit hunting in the winter.  Had to wear full 
outdoor gear when going down the highway.  The "heater" kept the windshield 
clear once it got going and after you scraped the inside and outside glass 
first.  Lots of great stories from that car - always an adventure when we 
drove it.  Still have a TR although the one in Minot made it to Guam, but 
became too rusted to return home.  The cross country trip to California is 
another story, but I made it without a breakdown.

> While working with my side curtains I've been impressed by how sloppy the 
> worn
> ones fit as well as how hard it is to get a good tight fit on re-built 
> ones.
> It made me wonder about how many brand new tr-3's were daily drivers back 
> then
> throughout the whole year including winter especially in the midwest.
> I can't
> imagine a tr-3 even all buttoned up sitting outside during a midwest 
> winter.
> Rain mostly comes straight down but blowing snow could sift through the
> smallest opening and cover the whole inside; then melt.  Imagine 3 day 
> white
> out blizzards with 25-30 mile winds!
> Anyone have these type of experiences?

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