[TR] thots on side curtains

Dave dave at ranteer.com
Sun Jan 20 19:50:22 MST 2013

my brother had a tr3; his only car, when he was stationed at some base in 
massachusetts.  we lived in philadelphia.  I remember him heading back to 
the base one winter evening, full winter clothing including ski gloves, 
inside the car.

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While working with my side curtains I've been impressed by how sloppy the 
ones fit as well as how hard it is to get a good tight fit on re-built ones.
It made me wonder about how many brand new tr-3's were daily drivers back 
throughout the whole year including winter especially in the midwest.
I can't
imagine a tr-3 even all buttoned up sitting outside during a midwest winter.
Rain mostly comes straight down but blowing snow could sift through the
smallest opening and cover the whole inside; then melt.  Imagine 3 day white
out blizzards with 25-30 mile winds!
Anyone have these type of experiences?

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