Joe Alexander n197tr4 at cs.com
Thu Jan 10 14:28:15 MST 2013

 Randall and list:

I read with interest about the stone guards. And their need to be reworked.

At the present time, I understand there is only one source of these

Does any one (Randall) have a set of cosmetically challenged stone guards
sitting on the shelf that is OEM?

I have been helping N.R.P. select panels for reproduction. This might be a

Keith Niehaus is a talented welder/fabricator and is now shipping repair
panels to Moss/TRF/VB.

I would be willing to review with Keith to see if he is interested in tooling
up for this set. And I have my TR3A available for him for reference and trial
installation.  What's in it for me?  Keith is reworking our TR4 RACE CAR body
while using it to develop repair panels. I am helping him with marketing and
distribution, too.

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