[TR] TR6 windshield mounting - part 2

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If you decide to use sealant between the frame and cowl, 3M auto glazing and 
bedding compound # 08509 was recommended to me for this application.

Description:Non-hardening, pliable, water-resistant, medium-
bodied sealer for sealing auto seams and
between windshield rubber and car body. Can
be used as a supplementary sealer for auto
glass installation

I intend to use this material, because without it I think I will get air or 
water leaking under the windshield frame.


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Thanks for all the replies to my initial query on mounting the TR6
windshield to the body. Half used a compound between the rubber seal and the
body, half did not. I looked at my old rubber seal that I removed and it did
have the residue of a dum-dum-like material on the bottom of it. I also
noticed that it did not curl under, but that's because it's old and hard
whereas the new seal is soft and pliable. I'm guessing that the tendency to
curl under is what makes for an effective seal. The problem is that if I use
a caulking material, I can't use the rope trick to pull the curl out flat.

PA is currently getting warm (high 40s) winds from the south, so I will be
trying to beat the return of Old Man Winter. I will be gluing the seal to
the windshield frame today, and want to mount the assembly to the body
tomorrow. Any thoughts from those that did use a sealant? Am I anticipating
a problem that doesn't really exist? I just don't want to end up scratching
the paint with metal objects while trying to get the seal to lay flat.

To be clear, I'm talking about the rubber seal that goes between the
windshield frame and the body of the TR6. TR4s, TR250s and Spits should be



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