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John:  good luck.

My advice, crazy as it may sound, is go buy a TR4/4A parts car.  Much as I
love Moss motors and TRF, a restoration becomes very expensive of you go
there for all the parts you need.  I am on my fourth restoration and have an
old TR3 I turn to each time I find a part missing, broken or beyond repair.
And when I am finished, I'll probably get a good proportion of my money back
on the parts car when I sell it off.

Andrew Uprichard

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Hi all list members,

My first post.  I am about to begin a frame off restoration on a TR4A.  Am
looking for a restoration guide to help me along.  I have found three doing
an internet search.  They are a little pricey, so I would like to invest in
the best one.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  TIA.

John DeLuca

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