[TR] TR6 windshield mounting

Joseph Laurito trglory at verizon.net
Wed Jan 9 19:39:00 MST 2013

I'm preparing the windshield prior to mounting and have a few questions for
the group. The rubber seal that fits between the windshield frame and the
scuttle is a fairly tight fit. Should it be glued to the frame and, if so,
what adhesives are recommended. Is it a good idea to use some sort of
caulking between the seal and the body of the car to insure water tightness?
I see that the seal has a tendency to curl under the windshield frame. How
do you keep it flat? My initial thoughts where to use a length of twine to
pull it out while tightening the frame mounts, but that won't work if
caulking is required.

Thanks in advance.


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