[TR] Wire Wheels

Dave Murphy roadwarriordave at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 30 21:27:45 MST 2013

James,Beware of chromed spokes; they are brittle and snap off at the
hub, thanks to "hydrogen embrittlement" which occurs during chroming. If you
want chromed wire wheels, make sure the spokes are NOT chromed!
The chrome Dayton wire wheels have stainless steel spokes which are not
chromed, whereas the chromed Dunlop wire wheels had (and probably still have)
chromed spokes.
My Austin-Healey 3000 came to me in 1999 with 4 chromed Dunlops each having
chromed spokes (and a painted spare). To date, after 14 years and about 25,000
miles 4 of the Dunlops have fractured some chromed spokes . The first wheel
failed 2 chromed spokes the first year and stupidly I thought this was a fluke
and had it rebuilt with chromed spokes. The next year that same wheel failed 5
chromed spokes and a second wheel broke 2 chromed spokes. I had both wheels
rebuilt with stainless steel spokes but this took 2 months and I bought one
new new chromed Dayton wheel with stainless steel spokes so I could drive the
car. Twelve years later one of the two remaining wheels with chromed spokes
failed 13 spokes on a single 1000 mile drive between eastern Quebec and
-Dave Murphy , Dearborn MI
'76 TR6  & '66 Austin Healey 3000.

> I am deciding on whether to put new chrome wires on my TR4 rebuild project.
> I want to go tubeless and wondered what the experiences of the list were
> from Dayton or Dunlop wheels. Also, do you need a specialty shop to mount
> the tires on these?  Since my 4 is an early one, I am also considering the
> wide white walls as on the original postcard photo and dread going to the
> local tire shop to have mounted.  I can just see a black streak on the
> walls from their machine.  Haven't had wires before so appreciate any
> feedback.  Just pulled the rear axle out and leaf springs for a redo.

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