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Bill and all:	
Thanks for the responses on the wire wheel question.  I am going to give
Alan a call at Hendrix. 
Jim Henningsen

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Alan at Hendrix Wire Wheel discouraged me from going tubeless even though my
new Dunlop 60-spoke painted wheels were touted to be such.

Instead of the DIY route I waited for a sale and had Moss ship the wheels to
him, bought Nankang wide white walls from Diamondback and had them shipped
to Hendrix as well.  Alan took care of re-painting the wires red to match
the interior of the car, mounting, balance & shaving.  All was securely
packaged and shipped to me for immediate installation. Now I turn heads
wherever I drive it, see June of last year's BCF calendar.

BTW, per Alan, chrome wires have SS spokes and are not as strong and the
painted steel.


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