[TR] Millimeters

John Summers rivers2hills at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 30 19:35:37 MST 2013

Ok all you Triumphista's.  I finally got around to doing the test where you
check how much wear you have on your thrust bearings, today.  There WAS play
in the crankshaft.  At one extreme it was 27.7mm
Pushed back in the
measurement was 25.2mm.  According to my math,,,the difference is 2,5mm   How
bad/good is that?  I have fretted over this day for fifteen years.  I recently
received EVERY SIZE thrust washer sold by Rimmer Bros.  I have a pair called
"Standard", whatever that is.  The next size says +5, the next reads +10 and
the last pair reads +15.  Any clues about what those translate into?  I guess
I pull out my digital caliper and measure, huh?  Opinions are welcomed.  
tonight my'98 Maxima was acting weird like the battery was going bad.  That is
commonplace here in hell - Florida.  Took it to NAPA where I bought the
battery, got it tested and it had a bad cell so I replace it with the next
higher quality battery.  Turn the ignition - nothing. We played around with
different batteries for an hour and the starter wouldn't even click.  Bad
starter?  Bad solenoid ? Bad starter ground? Tomorrow is the 31st and I
figured nobody would want to spend the time to troubleshoot until Thursday or
Friday, if that, so I had it tows to my driveway.  Good thing the grocery and
pharmacy are only a mile away, huh?  Opinions?

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